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Jinghan Wang

iOS Developer
Photographer & Art Quester

Majored in Computer Science with minor of Interactive Media Development (jointly offered by School of Computing and Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences)

I am currently an undergraduate student in the National University of Singapore, School of Computing, Department of Computer Science. I am pleased that one of my works has supported 9 languages, serving over 45,000 users around the globe and bringing them convinience in the real life.


I Got The
Skills & Expertise

I mostly work around with the iOS devices. From iPhone to iPad to Apple Watch, from iOS 5 to to iOS 7 to iOS 10, from Objective-C to Swift, with my experiences in dozens of major updates of the iOS system, I'm proud and happy to say:

I'm still up-to-date :)

Besides the sweaty coding work, I have touches on the UI/UX as well, including icon and layout design. My focus is in front end, and my expertise always acts as the smooth link between the UI designers and backend programmers.


Personal Works

All from life, here are my works and their real-life values

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Hand-draw artworks

Not just a programmer. I enjoyed my life via another way.
All these works are drawing with an iPad, expressing my feelings and thoughts at the specific moments, and possiblely with a story behind.

My Photography

Sometimes, what the cameras catched,
is not as simple as a picture.
It is the fourth dimension of life: your feelings at your time


Formal Work

Years of experience in the field

  • Present Jan 2016

    National University of Singapore

    Tutor, CS3217

    CS3217, Software Engineering of Modern Application Platforms, is a 5-credit module in NUS to teach student Software Engineering skills on iOS with the power of the latest version of Swift. Students are issued iPads and program/debug on the real devices as part of the registered iOS Developer University Program. The topics of CS3217 covers basic UI elements, data persistency techniques (Object Archiving, Core Data, etc.) and multi-threaded programming in iOS (mainly GCD). As a tutor, I'm responsible for reviewing students' assignment codes and responding to any questions they may raise during the learning process. Before I became a tutor, I graduate from this class with a grade of A+, No.1 in Hall of Fame and Best Project Award for the final course project.

  • Nov 2015 May 2015

    SAP Research & Innovation

    iOS Developer Intern

    Originally, this was intended to be a 6-month internship, but SAP decided to extend the contract for one more month due to my availability and my good performance within the contract time. I was working on the iOS client developement for the CityApp project. My works involves translating wireframes, mock up designs and style guides provided by UI/UX teammates into functional user interface and collabrating with backend developers to define and integrate APIs. The team works with Scrum methodology.

    Here is the letter of recommendation from SAP frontend team lead, Mr. Chris Chia.

  • Dec 2015 Aug 2015

    National University of Singapore

    Teaching Assistant, CS3241

    CS3241, Computer Graphics, covers the fundamentals of CG, including terminologies, concepts, and implementation with OpenGL. As a tutor, I'm responsible for teaching students the practical usage of the concepts taught in the lectures, guiding them through the labs, marking their assignments and responding to any questions they raised.

  • Dec 2015 Sep 2015

    iBeautiyGuru PTE. LTD.

    Part Time iOS Developer

    iBeautyGuru is a startup company focusing on serving convenient local beauty services. The main app is originally built as a series mobile websites in IONIC framework and compiled into iOS and Android applications. The executives decided to develop native mobile applications for both iOS and Android due to the unbearable overhead introduced by IONIC. As the only iOS developer in the team at the time, I was responsible for setting up the underlying structure and built the whole native iOS application from scratch.

  • Sep 2015 Jan 2015

    iBeautiyGuru PTE. LTD.

    Part Time UI/UX Designer

    Before I became an iOS developer in iBeautyGuru, I was a part time UI/UX designer responsible for producing icons, logos, wireframes and interactive mockups for the main iOS and Android app as well as the official website with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. During the development process, I would also coordinate with the front-end developers often and adjust the design rapidly. Sometimes I would built high-fidelity prototypes with HTML, CSS and JavaScript to verify design decisions.

  • May 2015 Jan 2015

    National University of Singapore

    Teaching Assistant, CS2100

    CS2100, Computer Organisations, is a 4-credit module in NUS which covers the basics of data representation and how the various parts of a computer work, separately and with each other. The content includes Data Representation Systems, Combinational and Sequential Circuit Design, MIPS assembly language, Memory Hierarchy, etc. As a tutor, I’m responsible for guiding students through the labs, answer to any doubts they raise and marking their assignments.

  • Dec 2013 Aug 2013

    Carousell PTE. LTD.

    iOS Developer Intern

    Carousell is currently one of the world's largest and fastest growing mobile person-to-person marketplaces. I was in the team when it was just started. As an iOS developer intern, I was working on UI design and implementation for their iOS client and was helping the team with the great transition between iOS 6 and iOS 7.

    Here is the letter of recommendation from my mentor in Carousell, Mr. Lucas Ngoo.


Learning is always enjoyed

  • Jun 2016 Jan 2016

    Uppsala University

    6-Month Exchange Study

    In the third year of my undergraduate study, I came to Sweden as an exchange student to Uppsala University, an venerable university founded in 1477. The six hundred of years history is condensed to today and leaves the university and the small town a very special and attractive temperament. During my stay, I traveled around the univeristy, around the town, around Sweden and around the entire Europe.

  • Present 2013

    National University of Singapore

    Bachelor of Computer Science

    When I was in my second grade in high school, I was offered a scholarship by the Singapore Ministry of Education under the Senior Middle 2 (SM2) program as well as a position in the flagship university of Asia, NUS. NUS is widely respected as a leading institution of higher learning. Its computing school, NUS School of Computing, with a rank of 1st in Asia and 9th in the world, provides a stimulating environment that amalgamates the best of educational traditions.

  • Present 2012

    National University of Singapore

    Minor of Interactive Media Development

    Minor of Interactive Media Development is jointly offered by the Department of Communications and New Media in NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and NUS School of Computing. It offers modules with topics in Interactive Sequential Art, User Experience Design, Game Design and Data Visualizations.

  • 2012 2009

    Harbin No.3 High School

    High School

    Harbin No.3 High School is the most prestigious high school in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province in China. It is among the top high schools in China. The admission is based on the test scores of the province wide high school admission test and only the top tier students are admitted.

Awards & Achievements

Achievements, nothing but past.
Yet head up to the future, with the back of the past.

Dean's List Award

School of Computing, NUS
AY16/17 Semester 1
Dean's List Award

Published on January 8th, 2017

Best Project Award

9th STePS, School of Computing, NUS
Project FitMi (CS3216)
Best Project Award

Published on November 11th, 2019

Second Runner-up

Facebook Inc.
Facebook Singapore Hackathon
Second Runner-up

Published on September 4th, 2016

Dean's List Award

School of Computing, NUS
AY14/15 Semester 2
Dean's List Award

Published on Augest 8th, 2015

Best Project Award

6th STePS, School of Computing, NUS
Project Planck (CS3217)
Best Project Award

Published on April 22nd, 2015

Dean's List Award

School of Computing, NUS
AY14/15 Semester 1
Dean's List Award

Published on January 12th, 2015

Apple's October Special Event

Apple Inc.
Project Telepaste
Apple's October Special Event Exhibition

Published on October 17th, 2014

Orbital Gemini Winner

Orbital Summer Program 2014, SoC, NUS
Project Telepaste
Gemini Winner

Published on August 22nd 2014

Best New Apps

Apple Inc.
Project Those days
Best New Apps on AppStore

Published on July 26th, 2013

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"As Jinghan's mentor, I would like to recommend this hardworking and very capable software engineer for a position in the company. His passion for software development and care for good design will definitely be a valuable addition to a team."

Lucas Ngoo

Co-Founder @Carousell

"On Jinghan's first day of work at SAP, he has already shown his keen interest in our project and started to contribute by checking out our project sources from the repository. Ever since then, he has continued to impress the team with his in-depth skill and knowledge in iOS App Development and showed positive attitude at work."

Chris Chia

Frontend Developer Lead @SAP Innovation Lab